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The arrangement of articles between 2007 (possibly earlier) and 2011 is still a work in progress, hence it is incomplete and follows the complete archive from 2012-2014:

November 2016:

6 November:

Still privatised, still undervalued: new court interpreting contract from 31 October

September 2016:

21 September:

How ‘freedom’ for Guantanamo’s forgotten victims means abuse, torture and exile

12 September:

Why Is a Former Guantánamo Prisoner on Hunger Strike in Uruguay?

August 2016:

22 August:

The last Russian prisoner at Guantánamo Bay does not want to go home

16 August:

After 14 years of torture and illegal detention ‘freed’ Guantanamo prisoners are left destitute

June 2016:

26 June:

The Torture Mindset of the United States

23 June:

(Language) policing at Europe’s borders

3 June:

The Global Trade in Guantánamo Captives

April 2016:

6 April:

Interpreting services within immigration removal centres

March 2016:

10 March:

Guantánamo Continues to Haunt Ex-Prisoner in Russia

May 2015:

27 May:

Guantanamo’s Refugees Released to Uruguay Still Seeking Relief

15 May:

A License to Torture under Indian Counter-terrorism Law

7 May:

The ongoing fiasco of privatised court interpreting services

March 2015:

26 March:

Shaker Aamer: Hostage to the Special Relationship

22 March:

Shannon Airport: Ireland’s Gateway to Torture

7 March:

Shaky Conviction, Ongoing Punishment: Canada v. Omar Khadr

January 2015:

28 January:

Terror, Torture and Trial in the North Caucasus [trial of the ‘Nalchik 58’ in the Russian Federation]

16 January:

Trial and error in the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic [trial of the ‘Nalchik 58’ in the Russian Federation]

6 January:

Former Guantanamo Prisoner Given Life Sentence in Russia

August 2014:

31 August:

Omar Khadr and the Validity of Guantanamo Military Commissions

7 August:

Language testing of asylum claimants: a flawed approach


26 July:

The Trials of Alleged Tween Terrorist Omar Khadr of Canada

24 July:

Military Commissions: Deferring the Inevitable at Guantanamo


26 June:

On Britain’s use of torture


8 May:

Exile from the CIS: when persecution crosses borders


28 April:

American Abu Ghraib Prisoner “Disappears” [“Disappearance” of Shawki Ahmed Omar]


27 March:

Out of the Guantanamo frying pan into the Russian fire


24 February:

A Fate Worse Than Guantanamo? [10 years since release of 7 Russian nationals, including Rasul Kudaev]

20 February:

Lost in privatisation: Capita, court interpreting services and fair trial rights


6 January:

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place: US Must Ensure Safety Upon Release for Guantánamo Prisoners

2 January:

Comment | The Hunger Games: Riding Roughshod over Human Rights and Human Dignity

November 2013:

13 November:

Should Britain Offer Asylum to Afghan Interpreters who Served Its Forces?

October 2013:

14 October:

American Prisoner Marks Ninth Year in Iraqi Jail

6 October:

Nine Years of Injustice for American Prisoner in Iraq

3 October

Time for accountability: Europe’s role in extraordinary rendition

September 2013:

8 September:

Special Report | The UK’s invitation to Narendra Modi is an endorsement of human rights abuses

July 2013:

31 July:

Special Report | American Hunger Strikes [at Guantánamo Bay and in California]

May 2013:

30 May:

Analysis | Boxed in: Solitary Confinement in US Prisons

16 May:

Threats facing asylum seekers from the Russian Federation in the EU

8 May:

Special Report | From Russia (and the US) with Love – update on the case of Rasul Kudaev

March 2013:

27 March:

Off the Menu: Guantánamo Bay Hunger Strike

23 March:

Special Report | Hunger strike at Guantánamo enters critical stage

13 March:

Show me the money: Can human rights offer an alternative discourse of resistance to austerity?

5 March:

Secret Courts in Britain: Blink and They’ll Be a Reality

February 2013:

14 February:

Shambolic and unworkable: outsourcing of court interpreting services

January 2013:

10 January:

Gitmore: ‘US Exports Guantanamos Across Planet’

Aisha Maniar speaks to Russia Today about the 11th anniversary of Guantánamo Bay

June 2012:

28 June:

Plastic Bullets: Fuel for Racial Tensions?

Prompted by fears that during last summer’s riots, British police forces were preparing to use plastic bullets, activists from Tottenham joined members of parliament and a delegation from the North of Ireland at a recent Westminster press conference to denounce their deployment…

27 June:

The UN Convention Against Torture: 25 and Rendered Numb

Yesterday was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the UN Convention Against Torture, one of the most significant international efforts to halt obscene coercive practices. But while progress has been made, stories of unsanctioned techniques carried out in secret provide testimony of what is still to be done…

25 June:

Halt Extraditions to the US demo, 23 June

Several hundred people joined a demonstration outside Downing Street on Saturday afternoon calling for an end to the extradition of British citizens to the United States under the one-sided Extradition Act 2003. (Video and picture reportage of demonstration against extradition to the US of Babar Ahmad, Gary McKinnon, Talha Ahsan and Richard O’Dwyer).

April 2012:

17 April: and

Justice for Sale: Chaos in the Courts

At the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), “privatisation” seems to equate nicely with “efficient public services”. From private-run jails to forensic services, the justice system is up for grabs, without mention of the government’s current plans for secret courts or the Legal Aid bill working its way through parliament right now.

Last summer, legal interpreting services joined the fray, when in August a framework agreement was signed between the MoJ and Applied Language Solutions Ltd (ALS), a private language service provider, to cover courts, the Crown Prosecution Service, prisons and the police….


17 November: Drone warfare

Game On? “Protest the Drone Wars”

Gaming enthusiasts are often accused of having a distorted perception of reality and blurring the distinction between the virtual and the real. But what if your military day job consists of doing what seems like playing a computer game, while picking off real targets? Where bombs guided by you from a safe distance really “splat” kids on the streets of Kabul, Gaza and Mogadishu? Welcome to the very real world of drone warfare.

2 November: Justice and Security Green Paper

Closed courts and secret evidence: Britain’s own Guantanamo Bay

The government is attempting to further shield itself from those seeking to obtain secret intelligence. Proposals contained in a new consultation green paper threaten to compromise the British system of open justice and the right to a fair trial.

20 March: Bradley Manning

London Solidarity in Day of Action for Bradley Manning

A demonstration was held outside the US Embassy in London today in solidarity with alleged Wikileaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning as part of a day of action around the world, including in the US and other parts of the Europe and the UK. Around 80 people attended.

17 February: Libya solidarity

“Day of Rage”: Libyan solidarity in London

With protests spreading to Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, Libya joined the fray this week with a planned “day of rage” on 17 February. A solidarity demonstration was held in London outside the Libyan Embassy as well as a pro-regime demonstration at the same time.

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